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Not mentioned that this was done under the administration of Ross Ardern, Jacinda's father?

How come?


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The isolation New Zealand and the Pacific Islands have from international news is remarkable. As most of the world returns to normal we remain locked in fear. From the unresponsiveness of elected officials, to the bureaucratic failure to adapt to changing situation, I wonder how this ends here.

No one can pass on covid if they are not infected with it, there is no justification for such isolation - nor the continuation of any of these policies. Each of us has made our choices, it is now time we live with them and return to normal.

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This is truly dehumanizing and flies in the face of science, or evidence based policy.

There is no way the jab can control spread of disease.

1) The mucosal membranes are not protected by IgG antibodies (blood borne) but instead have their own IgA antibodies. Something the jab does not develop. Thus the site of infection is unprotected.

2) The jab uses a spike protein from an extinct, dead as the dodo, Wuhan strain. These omicron varients are escaping IgG antibodies undetected. Although the strains of covid are related sort of like cousins or distant relatives. Wuhan was Mike Tyson. Omicron is more like commedian Kevin Hart. Though they have some similar superficial characteristics. If your body is primed to act like doorman and stop Mike Tyson's from knocking you out cold. It's not stooping so low to be racially profiling, and so Kevin Hart is getting around with his entourage causing chaos, completely under the radar.

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This is inhumane treatment of people.

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