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Tragically the NZ medical fraternity are entirely within the purview of WHO and the CDC. They must follow the misguided thinking led by self interested factions that is only slowly being challenged as more evidence becomes available. Clearly the mandates were based on incorrect assumptions and ignorance from so called experts. I hope they have the guts to stand up and admit they were wrong!

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Anyone still getting boosters needs psychological help. I refused the jab and have never regretted it. All my friends caved. Ivermectin together with Loratadine kept me healthy. Plus vit D C Etc. And wiping my groceries off with bleach. Washing my fruit because you don't know who handled it. I am 68 and have not even had a day of illness except for two days when I had shivers. I took ivermectin and it disappeared. Now I see they are using it for scabies but it was not good enough for covid.

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Great work Liz, in informing us of yet another instance of the 1000's of tragedies that these toxins have caused.

Sadly we are only seeing the beginning of all of this carnage as this huge network of WEF shills tries to move the vast majority of routine jabs onto these new toxic mRNA gene-altering platforms.

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