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WHO (NGO) with (constitution) which is legally binding (claim) through IHR (not legally tested)

NGO's don't (can't) have (legally binding) constitutions (racket/extort)

None the less with 194 + 2 following and implementing using domestic legislations it becomes a moot point if not legally challenged (presumably under TPPA like special master tribunal) outside of legal jurisdiction based in NYC or discarded and exited in totality (blowback).

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A private organization thinks it can make up laws haha

They want people ignorant in fear.

Just dont believe these ideas as the UN and their WHO are evil central bankster toolies need to be exposed and ignored not have their ideas thought about( strengthened) or obeyed.

I dont know about you but I have no contract with the UN or the WHO.(or the NZ govt/State).

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Why can't I share this on linkden

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