Wow that's one heck of a guilty conscience. She should be ashamed. So ashamed the money can't or won't ever make it ease.

This is beyond ridiculous now.

It was never needed, a vaccine could be a useful tool if it actually worked and didn't overwhelm our hospitals with cardiac events or siezure conditions itself.

Where was the health promotion and education?

Where are the early treatment options?

Where are the extra healthcare staff?

Where is the investment in our hospital facilities? Beds?

Where are the risk assessments?

Where is the science?

Where are our rights and freedoms?

Your emergency response plan is so poor I struggle to understand how you or any of your ministers deserve to be paid. It is diabolical.

I served our country as a medic, a specialist in chemical, biological and radiological warfare.

I know this is wrong and is not following any logical emergency management process.

You say you follow the science. Then tell us about epigenetics, tell us about the genotoxicity studies on these jabs. Tell us about mitochondrial function. Post vaccine induced long haul syndrome. Explain functional illnesses and prion diseases. And how they can be cured... I bet you can't. Because they cant. You caused this.

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It's absolutely horrendous she will have so much blood on her hands. Must run in that family. As Ros arden is creating havoc on tokalau island! They are all INCOMPETENT psychopaths. We need an total OVERHAUL of brandnew government.

Without outside influence. No more queen or other countries we can be self sufficient. Nz has an enormous potential of own resources! Stick this government arrest the lot for criminal ACTIVITIES OF HUMANITY!

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May 7, 2022Liked by FreeNZ

The mandates have been 6 months of hell for myself and my family. Living under the constant firced pressure of losing my career of 36 years, the hate directed by work"mates" towards those who will not comply or divulge their health status to strangers. Even the foolish mask mandates cause unnecessary stress and division by dividing mrdia driven opinion from the facts.

Axecinders will be solely remembered for her evil, hateful division of a once proud and vocal people. Language, and the freedom to voice opinion has been the Kiwi way from Sir Ed to Barry Crump, until you forced our mouths closed from fear, hate and driven by paid media lies.

Leave NZ, go to your UN job with your corrupt gains, but know that no one here really cares for you or what is left of your soul any more. Your baby has nothing for her here either, sadly.


Please move away from foreign banks. Westpac in particular but BNZ and ANZ have also been evil to our people.

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Thank god for you, Liz!

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May 11, 2022Liked by FreeNZ

I am sorry but that creature which is in position of NZ PM would not listen this, she does not give deadly squat....she is from satanistic background and we are nothing to them.Trying to appeal to her as mother..... her motherhood is questionable.....what those creatures do with babies and children! They have no soul!

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May 9, 2022Liked by FreeNZ

Shame on you Jacinda plus the rest of parliament. You all need to step away as you do not serve us. We pay your wages. Resign now. Taking away our FREEDOM, our rights. Blood is on your hands.

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The NZ public is woefully ignorant of the NWO socialist agenda that NZ is and has been signed up to for many years. Nothing will change until the controls from beyond our shores are dismantled. NZ is a corporation. A signed up member of UN, WEF WHO etc and does what it is told. Many of our public figures are graduates and followers of the Klaus Schwaub training. And the MSM controls the news media. Buckle up buttercups. Look behind the curtain of information/disinformation and become informed.

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May 17, 2022·edited May 17, 2022Liked by FreeNZ

What if....as a country we have no way to fight this new order the world has been groomed into becoming. What if...it didn't matter who was leading this country government wise, at the end of the day, a much higher power has given us a list of deadlines to meet- or else.

What if - our current government objected and called for independence?

What if the consequence of that option or decision of non compliance resulted in national debt being called in.

Or sanctions put on our international trade, fuel, medical supplys and food and communication imports. Shipping was sanctioned etc.

Are we ready for that?

How long would it take until we could be self sufficient and how many lives would be lost in the shift.

Yes we are a lucky country to have the resources to survive but it would take years of setup till we are there.

I often wonder if we knew the full truth would we be so harsh on the way the P.M has handled things?

And if this line of thought carried any substance, I wonder how differently every other possible candidate would have handled this. A hell of a job indeed.

Food for thought.

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Fascinating list of questions. But with the enormous funds this woman has frittered on endless psy-op attempts at indoctrination via her billion-plus ads playing across all our media, this pathetic woman could have built us into the most independent nation able to feed and house and clothe ourselves and be independent of the overseas overlords who are seeking to rule the world and break the backs of the masses. They are few and we are many and the sooner we all realise this, the sooner the game is up and the few will be lifting their corrupted skirts and running for their sorry lives

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Yes Indeed, the realisation has been a long cold shock at the sheer ruthlessness of her strategy.

Are we being realistic about the amounts she's allotted to covid glitter and the personal army tomake it happen , are we being honest with ourselves in thinking two years is enough time to set up our own medical and pharmaceutical companys, do we have the knowledge base to keep producing med equipment, deep sea drilling stations, electrical and engineering computer equip, planes cars tools . Hell they deff had their ducks in a row for this plan. A quarter of the country's adults are dependant on some kind of medication.

I 100 ,% agree we could get to a point of self sustainably, however getting everyone on board once the call is made is where your problems lie. There'd be more deaths than covid, our med supplys would run out in the interim.

Seriously, if we had half the time to set up a useable system, as they've had in the making of this shit, then we'd stand half a chance.

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All the countries pushing vaccines on thier people these so called leaders/aka TRAITORS should be tried for treason. I pray they will be and these monsters will be prosecuted for there crimes

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