Those who lived by, believed in and condescended to the blatant abuse of ordinary peoples rights to decide what should and shouldn't be injected into their bodies are bullies and criminals.

No ifs, no buts.

And so they must be held accountable by law otherwise it will all happen again..

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Emergency they say. Pandemic they call it. Just consider this.

If we were desperately needing houses after a huge cyclone ripped thousands apart, what would we need to make it happen?

*building materials ready and made available (materials)

*land to build on. (land)

*more staff or builders to assemble structures. (staff)

Without those three key resources, no amount of planning and beurocracy can actually make anything happen. Take away one element from above and the rest fail and the progress ultimately stalls.

Let's consider the pandemic response in the same light.

If there was an emergency the key resources required to respond to the pandemic are slightly different, yet eerily similar.

*We need the greatest number of facilities and hospital beds.(Land)

*The tools, equipment and various treatment or therepeutic option for preventing, managing disease and also post patient care. (Materials)

*The greatest number of medical staff, trained to the highest possible level (Staff)

Now lets look at what we see actually happening in the real world.

*Staff are being fired when they are needed the most. Huge shortages in nurses, paramedics and GPs

*Hospitals are closing down as they are earthquake prone or riddled with asbestos. They knew of this issue for 10 years but it's still happening.

*And they're denying access to proven therapeutics and are instead insisting on novel risky ones. There is no public health promotion. There is no boost to our mental health system or change to the availability of counseling services. There is nothing but experimental jabs.

Yet the government spent unheard of money during this pandemic response. So where did it go?

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All the young global leaders under Klaus Schwab will be judged by a much higher authority 🙏

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Publication of analysis of survey data collected by the Vax Control Group from unvaccinated people around the globe shows just how little strain the unvaxed put on healthcare systems, how little serious disease and hospitalisation occurred, despite media reports to the contrary, as well as the discrimination and intimidation they face https://www.anhinternational.org/news/breaking-news-unvaxxed-control-group-first-release-of-survey-data/

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Biggest cover up ever

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Jul 15, 2022Liked by FreeNZ

Del Bigtree read this at the end of his “The Highwire” program yesterday. I’m in the States, unvax’d, & it was so apropos & moving. These words apply EVERYWHERE

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Justice will have to come from a much higher place , I’m certain it will be very soon 🙏

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Jun 14, 2022Liked by FreeNZ

Thank you for a compassionate thought piece about we the great unvaccinated.

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Jun 21, 2022Liked by FreeNZ

Who is this vaccinated Australian writer? A genius comment!

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yes I am vilified in my family, being unvaxed, I'm the only one to research it carefully. I warned my family and have been inundated with provax hate mail. Even threatened with Covid fines by my family. It has put a massive divide in my extended family, zero apologises from the jabbed up Sheeple. Sad state of affairs globally.

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I am unvaxed and will not be able to visit my children in NZ until mandates are done away with. IVM has worked for me for 3 years. If something happens to vaxed children I will sue.

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I live in America. I had the flu/"c-19" in December 2019 before it even became a thing in the news. My daughter accused me of murdering people because I refused to wear a mask, even though I have antibodies & immunity & knew asymptomatic spread was a lie. She told me I no longer was her Mother because I didn't care enough about people to wear a mask & get jabs I didn't need. She said I could rejoin the family after I got the jabs & wore a mask. I lost my family for 2 years because of all the lies. I pray daily for my family that the jabs they received were saline or a placebo or something else not harmful, & that no weapon formed against them shall prosper. I pray the same for every other human being on the planet. I pray for Healing of all who have been jab injured. Dr Mengele's followers are all guilty of Crimes Against Humanity & must receive immediate proper punishment. I pray God will Shut the mouths of all the liars & remove them from places of influence & Replace them with His Chosen Truthers. Thank you for writing this so that I could share it on my fakebook page for my family to hopefully read. I miss the relationship we used to have before the planned scamdemic happened. We now have a civil relationship, but they do not cherish, love & respect me like they did all their lives before this horrible Twilight Zone started. I pray for God to Intervene & Stop the madness ASAP! God Bless all who share Truth.

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Unvaccinated, and got fired when they refused to process my religious exemption. Lawsuit already filed, but couldn't find a lawyer who even believed I have rights.

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I used to manage the Jet Fuel supply into Melbourne Airport until I was terminated by Mobil Oil Australia on December 13 2021 for refusing to comply with the Victorian Government vaccine mandate. They did everything they could to destroy me and punish me.

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Main point is there is no such thing as covid19

and the old crusty germ hypothesis that was used to possess the ignorant with fear was totally debunked last year.

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