Brilliant article, one would find it hard to pick holes in any of the facts. Thanks for all your hard work.

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Excellent detailed and informative article.

preparedness | prɪˈpɛːrɪdnəs |

noun [ mass noun ]

a state of readiness, especially for war: the country maintained a high level of military preparedness.

Perpetual, everlasting, never-ending cycles of training, simulation, drilling and testing using surveillance and technology frameworks and protocols designed and directed under WHO ONE-HEALTH as part of the WEF/UN umbrella.

No longer making 'recommendations' WHO would have assumed authority to direct and instruct (mandate/force) 194 'member states' (plus two) not only unilaterally by WHO Director General (PHEIC) to be also at WHO regional level (6) directors will have assumed authority to declare PHERC (Public Health Emergency of Regional Concern) at any time for any reason just because.

By definition 'preparedness' involves 'continual improvement' in ever decreasing circles - ever increasing restriction and (pre-text) intervention until the systems implodes under its own weight or the systems have reached an inevitable endpoint in which biological life (human, animal, plant, environment) has been reduced and rendered to (for its own welfare and safety) a harmless state of safety as determined by the 'stakeholders' and owners of global private NGO's which WHO is.

Technology is the method by which WHO intend to continue running the digital simulation which began late 1990's is still running and is to be running as a permanent state of preparedness.

That is how the digital (not biological) claim of 'pandemic prevention' is to be deployed into every corner of 194 'member states' in every region of the world under assumed authority of one DG and six regional DG's on behalf of pre-programmed digital algorithms which instruct the global frameworks and protocols.

Should IHR amendments (50% simple majority) not become 'regulated' onto 194 + 2 and the 'pandemic accord'/instrument be repelled refused rejected and turned away from, the upstream WEF/UN agendas will likely be halted in train.

Such is the 'importance' for IHR and/or PA to be 'adopted'.

Exit WHO.

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Great read. Thanks!

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Very good post.

"Slight of hand is contagious

Salesmen sell by fright

Buy our solution today

Or be dead tomorrow night.

– I'll take two

And I'll have three.

Stampedes of turmoil

Swell the economy

Riches richer ever more

Destitution – poverty – poor"

It's a powerful deception.

Because there is always a small chance there could be a significant pandemic one-day. And that fear is used to push insane policies and sell worse products.

But safety has to be offset by sanity.

The one in a trillion must not give way to the every day.

Eating fried and sugary goods and trips and slips down stairs statistically kill more, cost more and harm more but we do not seem to have crazy laws, billions of dollars and global cabals usurping governments to address those common hazards.

In fact, I'll even offer you a family feast voucher for a vaccine.

This is how obscene this all is.

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I have an alternate view on lung physiology that dismisses the notion of oxygen and carbon dioxide gaseous exchange

The article is titled

We breathe air not oxygen

I take you though all the steps that lead to this statement

Including how oxygen is manufactured

How oxygen is calibrated

Eg medical oxygen has 67parts per million of water contamination

Why oxygen is toxic, dehydrates and damages the alveoli

Lung physiology requires the air at the alveoli to reach 100% humidity

Can you see the problem?

The new take on lung physiology:

The lungs rehydrate the passing RBCs with iso tonic saline solution as they pass through the alveoli capillary beds

RBCs change from dark contracted dehydrated to plump bright hydrated form as they soak up the iso tonic saline solution the bursting alveoli bubbles throw upon the capillary sac

The airway mucosa conditions the breathe with salt and moisture

Find the article


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