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This is a result of both the HAARP program and geo engineering of our atmosphere. Anyone who denies this fact is an absolute fool. Wake up nz now. The rest of the world is taking a hammering too so don’t think it’s just a case of importing, this is a case of famine. Depopulation is real.

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They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.

So to break him

You starve him.

They say nothing to worry about

Prices will remain competitive

But we all know that's a lie.

Just like so many lies told before.

Rents and mortgages are rising.

The cost of food frightening

Soon the solution will be worse

A curse on the average family.

Going hungry.

Handouts and packages

Rations for your rights

Sign the dotted line

Scan your barcode

So you can dine.

And all will be fine.

But as rations get smaller

The hungry get crueler

Easily swayed with a bowl of chow

Like a fighting dog chained

If he misbehaves he goes hungry

When the masters say bite they bite.

Because when you bite you are given a bowl

Of chow and a shot for polio.

All better now.

And so wolves become woke and incarcerated

Captives held fast by their stomachs

Supply and demand

Follow the command to betray everyone you love and hold dear

For a bowl to eat, you will lick their feet

And do their bidding beating the weak

Once your friend.

Not anymore.

No friends, little food, just fear.

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Where the Hell is our so called army to help clean up? Instead they are going to send in the Fijian army to help clean up,not even, they will be armed and here to take control, let that sink in.

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Ex orchardist here..I'm heading up to HB in a month to help you out can't make it sooner sorry..great to find freenz on substack.

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So much of the food grown in the arable NZ is exported, there is no need to have a food shortage .

Importing/trading is also an option .

Dont let the govt use H.B. as they used convid as an excuse for furthering their agenda.

Much fresh fruit and veg( thousands of tons) is wasted due to the retail monopoly's price inflation( greed).

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