Great writing . Shows the depth our so called democracy has sunk to . Blatant propaganda ,lies and no debate allowed . The saddest thing is that most Kiwis have lost the spark of individualism that leads to a more questioning society

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It will be called treason when 9/11 is called treason. Same people behind both.

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Resentful passive aggression appears a preferred Kiwi option as standing out requires active courage when collective compliance is a an ingrained characteristic.

A coalescence of the awake Kiwi scientists and clinicians began in March 2020, eventually forming nzdsos.com in 2021. Numbers have grown steadily since then. There is an awakening, but it remains excruciatingly slow.

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I was disappointed that you/she did not name her GP.

In fact all the people she dealt with from 1st jab.

There needs to be an accounting for Justice to be seen to be done.

That means names, office and possibly home addresses, roles and rank, education level and whether they had a covid exception themselves.

Kiwi Mike

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https://windowsontheworld.substack.com/p/goldfish-wisdom 'An Open Letter to Kiwis (updated Feb 2024)

NZ MSM are committing treason ... every day ...


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Beautiful photos. Powerful storytelling about a heartbreaking tragedy. Thank you.

One question: I wasn't clear why this was: "Immediately post-jab, Kate noticed that the vaccinators were looking at her and her sons particularly closely in comparison to others."

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