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On October 22, 2021, I posted a Love Letter to New Zealand from my mother’s heart on social media, calling on my fellow Kiwis to protect our country’s democracy and freedoms. That morning, our Prime Minister had delivered a death blow by using the Covid jab to gain unprecedented, unjustified, and legally untested control and power over Kiwi lives.

The response from Kiwis to my love letter to them was overwhelming, visceral and heartbreaking. Many are feeling scared, sad for the future of our once-free country, angry at the power grab, confused by the sudden change of public face into bully-pulpit leadership from this public servant and deeply worried for their children’s futures in NZ. 

Our core consists of a movement to fight for our ebbing freedoms.

Liz Gunn

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Our compact FreeNZ Media team aims to bring awareness - through interview content, article writing, support & community - to the governmental, societal, medical, economic & journalistic power imbalances incurred during this Covid Era - in NZ and beyond.

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