The only police who are worthy of employment are sadly those who are not now, due to having the intelligence to avoid being murdered by poison, however slow acting it is.

My question would be - who do you want investigating a murder, those too blind or compromised to see it happening to themselves, or those intelligent enough to avoided it?...

The evidence is now everywhere and in every family, even the unjabbed.

A heartfelt thank you Sir Dan for your intelligence, morals and ethics. Bravo.

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It is obvious that 'woke' is the greatest and most dangerous disease to afflict mankind ...

I told the NZ Police 18 months ago that the NZ Police Commissioner is 'lobotomized' ... I told them, for the umpteenth time, last week that they were idiots, and they are ...


Thank you to all that are fighting this fight ... please take strength from those on the front line like Liz, Barry, ... and Dan .... I certainly do ...


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The organs of State, its bureaucracy, the wider institutions and corporations, the nation's ruined medical and mental health, the preponderance of "health"care providers are all now ethically DOA, like their cousins in the MSM. All this was of course all entirely directed and intentional. While it is also likely, irreversible, it is also the epitome of biological, social, moral, ethical and economic unsustainability. It is the author of its own evolutionary dead end. All that matters now is whether a sufficient proportion of the populace awaken in time to grasp the nettle of freedom and claim their right to life, liberty, happiness, and prosperity.

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Thank you Dan, thank you Barry and Liz. I stand with you and have been yelling as loudly as I can to Moseley deaf sheeple. We are winning we are winning we are winning. Thank you all and have a wonderful festive season. One designed to entertain and fool us, Christmas sadly is another mind control story. Love to you all.

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Very courageous and loyal to NZers. Hope the people get behind him and stop being sheep.

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Barry Young and Dan Picknell. Two very brave Kiwis who have the Courage and Conviction to stand up for what is truly Morally right and effects all New Zealanders !! You Folks are on the Right Side of History when the total Truth emerges and it's heading that way now while these People on the 'Corrupted' Side can only sit and watch their own slow Demise into a World of eternal torment, shunned by everyone !!

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